Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Panipat the night mare of India


              Panipat was one of the five cities (prasthas) founded by Pandavas during the times of theMahabharata. Its historic nam being Panduprastha.
               Panipat was the scene of three pivotal battles in the Indian history. All left disaster effects to India. After every battle that fought in panipat India went in to the foreign rule  
             The First Battle of Panipat was fought on 21 April 1526 between Ibrahim LodhiSultan of Delhi, and the Timurid warlord ZaheeruddinBabur
The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on 5 November 1556 between the forces of Akbar and emporer of India Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya
              Hem Chandra had a large army, and initially his forces were winning, but suddenly Hemu was struck by an arrow in the eye and he lost his senses. On not seeing their leader in his howdah on the back of an elephant, his army fled. He was later captured and beheaded by the Mughals. His head was sent to Kabul to be hanged outside Delhi Darwaza and torso was hanged outside Purana Quila in Delhi. This Second battle of Panipat thus ended the 'Hindu Raj' established by Hemu in north India.
              The Third Battle of Panipat was fought in 1761 between the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas under Sadashivrao Bhau Peshwa of Pune. Ahmad Shah won but with a very heavy casualty rate on both sides. It resulted in the worst defeat of Marathas in their history.The war led to a power vacuum which later led to the British conquest of India
              Thus the panipat has a important place in history of india but on sad note. I don't no whether it bought any luck to pandavas who are its founders. But for india fighting a battle there is making a path to foreign rule.


  1. hey Anil the blog is good actually simple, short and crisp. in 3rd para i think u are missing 'r' "Timurid warlord Zaheeruddin Babur", thnk you for giving info on full name of Hemu i didnt knew it.. and whether he was emporor of India im not sure and who was "Sher Shah Suri" who built The Grand Trunk road from Dhaka to Lahore during this period i heard long back that Hemu was his general but im not sure Please check of the same.
    About 3rd battle and power vacuum im not sure as i heard Maratha's consolidated their losses and grew back within 10 yrs of this battle and again conquered most of their lost possessions in North India but may be this also might have let British to gain prominence and power as in 1773 i read East India Co. established formally its rule (not business) in India.
    in the end i must say that Panipat is indeed involved in pivotal changes in Indian political scenarios leading to India's losses eventually...
    A battle which according to me has even greater effect was Battles of Tarain which made 180 degree turn around in Indian not just political but every scenario.... do check it...
    Very good composition i hope u go ahead with more informative blogs... god bless u..

  2. my dear moutipalli jee,
    first of all we are aryan (sanatan dharam), we were called hindu by foreign invaders mughals. what is wrong with us is that we forget past very soon. even i was not aware of hemu until i read your article. we all were taught wrong version of history only to appease other religions. to pay respect to bharat's great samrat hemu vikramaditya we must demand govt to name road in lutiyan delhi after our true samrat replacing akbar road or babur road as both are linked to panipat battle. please keep writing such informations on your blog... thanks a lot.

    1. sorry to oppose you but there is no race called aryan, aryans are created by Germans and British used it to divide in to north and south i will write a article on it in that you can find all the details